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Mind Body Spirit Yoga Retreat | Troncones, Mexico

Troncones, MX

Join us—Cheryl Deer & Cher Aslor—for a uniquely fulfilling, and wholly nourishing retreat to the beaches of Troncones, Mexico.  "I believe in the healing powers of this land that we will be visiting," says Cheryl.  "I have been there before and experienced opening and ease."

Completely unplugged, you'll have the chance to let the chaos of everyday life slip away, while the rhythm, scents, and subtle sounds of the ocean draw you into a state of total relaxation.  Imagine the way all the usual sounds disappear when you go fully under water, head submerged, heart immersed in the sensation of surrender.  Creativity and growth can arise when we allow the “shoulds” and to-do lists to fall away.

Through dynamic daily Forrest yoga practices, Pilates, yoga nidra, swimming, surfing, strolling & journaling, you will have the invaluable opportunity to connect your mind, body and spirit back to Mother Earth.  You'll learn to honor the four directions as individual parts of the self, and to re-discover your own sense of spontaneous flow.

Together, we'll deepen our knowledge of pranayama, meditation & the self, so we can act to embody the changes we've each been longing to make.  Ceremony, laughter, spontaneity, flow, good healthy food, and community, will be our medicine at this weeklong oasis of awakening.  Through deep connection with spirit and each other, you will go home better able to walk in your highest purpose—and to help your friends and family do the same.  “When we retreat, we are reminded of what’s already inside us—space, breath, joy,” says Cher.

 If this sounds like something your mind + body + soul has been longing for, you belong in Mexico with us!