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Intensives at Yogani Studios

Recognizing and Trusting Intuition  | Saturday 2/20, 9-11:30am

We all have intuition, and the more free and clear our energy channels are, the more we can recognize it. When we are tense or full and our energy pathways are clogged, we cannot feel the messages our bodies are trying to express. At this workshop, we will work on clearing up what is clogging the body in order to receive stronger messages of intuition.

Our yoga practice can help wash away old, stuck energy patterns, toxins, stress, and tension, thereby creating space in our bodies, so that we can more easily listen to, trust, and follow our intuition.

In this twisting workshop you will:

  • Relax your mind, quiet the chatter
  • Clear up the senses of the body
  • Translate sensation into meaning
  • Learn to trust what your body is telling you


Gravity Surfing: Shifting Perspective | Saturday 2/20, 1:00 - 3:30pm

Challenge your perspective on the things that pull you down by defying gravity and balancing on your hands. In this intensive you will learn the fundamentals of how to lift off, surf the air and land lightly with grace.

  • Let go of negative thoughts by lifting yourself off the ground
  • Learn to ride gravity with inversions, arm balances and transitions
  • Build muscle strength while creating lightness of body, mind, and spirit

Note: This workshop may not be appropriate for people with heart problems, detached retinas, ear problems, wrist or arm injuries or pregnant women.

“Instead of being subject to being pulled down by gravity, you learn to ride it”. - Ana Forrest


Learning To Heal Through Yoga | Sunday 2/21, 9:00 - 11:30am

The power of healing is already within us. In order to tap into this inherent energy, we must unclog stuck pathways, release tension, find compassion for ourselves, forgive, and let go.

Through yoga postures and breathing we can begin to soften, open up to feeling and sensation, and bring awareness to areas of the body that need healing. In this workshop, we will learn how our tensions might be connected to experiences in our lives, and how to release these tensions and allow personal evolution to occur.

In this back bending workshop you will:

  • Slow down, go into a safe space, and feel supported
  • Bring awareness to tensions and patterns that no longer serve us
  • Learn how to breathe in a way that brings healing to an area
  • Discover how to use yoga postures as a tool for transformation
  • Shift your perspective about the healing process