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Master Classes at Kodwari in Tampa

  • Kodwari Yoga 3965 S Henderson Blvd, Suite C Tampa, Florida 33629 (map)

Nov 4 | Addressing Hips and Shoulders | 6-8pm

Join Cheryl in building a deeper connection with all that is: our oneness with nature, self, spirit, and others. Imagine yourself fully present, slowing down in nature, being nourished on many levels,breathing deeply, and feeling the aliveness all around you. By tapping into this experience, we can be more present in our yoga practice, and connect more deeply to ourselves and our breath. Breath IS spirit, breath IS our very presence, consciousness, ability to be here in this life; it is our aliveness. We will use the postures and breath to open the energy pathways, allowing us to relate to the world and others in a more wholehearted way. In this class you will:

  • Connect deeper with your own aliveness through breath and yoga postures
  • Slow down, drop into the present moment and let go of striving
  • Clear and cleanse energy pathways to encourage deeper connections
  • Un-shield and take in the nourishment of relationship

Nov 5 | Coming into the Core | 8:45-10:45am

We can be nourished on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. When we go into situations with more receptivity and without expectations of accomplishing some goal, there’s more space for us to be nourished. For many of us, it requires a paradigm shift to recognize that our life experiences are potent possibilities, and we can learn to choose experiences that nourish rather than deplete us. When we are nourished, we can operate from a place of wholeness and give back in a more authentic and enthusiastic way. In this core-strengthening class you will:

  • Relieve discomfort through breath and movement
  • Increase your sense of empowerment and self care • Feel more content, satisfied, replenished, nourished
  • Gain the ability to serve others in an authentic and enthusiastic way

Nov 6 | Opening into Backbends| 10am-12pm

We all have intuition, and the more free and clear our energy channels are, the more we can recognize it. When we are tense or full and our energy pathways are clogged, we cannot feel the messages our bodies are trying to express. At this workshop, we will work on clearing up what is clogging the body in order to receive stronger messages of intuition. Our yoga practice can help wash away old, stuck energy patterns, toxins, stress, and tension, thereby creating space in our bodies, so that we can more easily listen to, trust, and follow our intuition. In this twisting class you will:

  • Relax your mind and quiet the chatter
  • Clear up the senses of the body
  • Translate sensation into meaning
  • Learn to trust what your body is telling you